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Sliding Door Set (Tracking only)

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Various size options available from £108+Vat (£129.60 including Vat)

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Is a lock required?

(Please check box if lock is required in tracking, otherwise no lock will be supplied. If a lock is chosen, a hole will need to be drilled for the pin, best done on site, however it can also be done by us if the sizes are accurate)

Please enter width of opening between 600mm – 2000mm

Sliding Door Set (Tracking only)

High quality sliding door set to suit your own project

Door tracking only included so you will need to source the glass (or we can quote to supply glass too)

Possible uses : Display cabinet, reception hatch, display counter

Finish – Anodised Aluminium

This tracking can be used for openings up to 2000mm wide 1800mm high – For larger openings please contact us for advice.

The top tack can be drilled and screwed to the top structure. The bottom track comes with high quality adhesive tape fitted. A third track profile is fitted to the bottom of the glass with a rubber gasket to secure it. This profile contains the easy glide rollers and a lock if required.

To Request a quote please fill out the details above or alternatively please send opening sizes in mm (Length and height) and delivery postcode, and state either ‘With Lock’ or ‘No lock’

Website price is only a guide and may be subject to change.

Additional information

For 6mm toughened glass (not included)

The opening for the doors will need to be level and square and free from twist otherwise the doors wont operate properly.

To Calculate the height of the glass, deduct 32mm from the height of the opening

To Calculate the width of the glass take the opening size, add 32mm and divide by 2. This will create a 32mm overlap.

+/- 2mm tolerance

Please ensure that each door is wide enough to be stable when opened & closed. IE if your opening is 1800mm high x 600mm wide, each door would be only 317mm wide and may tilt when you push it. Please ask if you need advice or are unsure.

Top tracking is supplied UNDRILLED. It will require drilling for wooden top. We suggest using a 3mm countersunk hole with no 4 countersunk screws.

Base tracking is supplied with industrial quality adhesive film.

For lockable doors we supply a ‘security insert’ to prevent the front door being lifted out of the tracking. This is to be fitted above the LH side of the RH door (over the lock but leaving enough room to fit the door in)

Matching side track profile is available to purchase separately. This gives more of a framed look, helps prevent dust entering the cabinet, and also contains a rubber buffer to help prevent glass to glass damage. If this is used, you will need to deduct 10mm from each door when ordering the glass

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